Life and Career Coaching

Life and Career Coaching

Using known and recognized standards and methods, I work with the following issues within life and career coaching:

  • Adaptation and integration of immigrants, mitigation of culture shock

From my own experience I know what it means to move to another country. How to prepare for changing the country of residence, how to behave in a new surrounding, how to understand another mentality but not lose your identity, how to overcome the feeling of loneliness in a foreign country – I help people answer all of these questions.

  • Psychological help for partners in mixed relationships

It is often not so easy to live together with a partner from the same culture, and it is double so difficult if your countries of origin differ. I can help both of you to understand each other better and to come closer to each other.

  • Help with finding your ideal partner

In our busy life it is often difficult to find a soul mate. I can help you to meet the right one and to build a beautiful relationship with him or her.

  • Help with transition to a healthy lifestyle

It is not easy for anyone to transform bad habits into good ones, to start doing things that will make our life better. Eating healthy food, exercising, balancing work and leisure time – these are great changes that cannot be done in one day. Most of us need assistance and counseling in our attempts to stick to the healthy lifestyle, and that I can help you with.

  • Speeding up career development

You want to change your career radically, but don´t have enough courage? Or you feel that you would like to do something else but don´t know what? Then career coaching is the solution for you. I can give you support and guidance, and help to boost up you work life and personal growth!