How to Find a Job in Norway? Part 3 – Job Interview

How to Find a Job in Norway? Part 3 – Job Interview


If you do a good job applying, sooner or later you will be invited to a job interview. Remember that the main purpose of the interview is to help both you and the company to find out more about each other.
Usually there are one or two interviewers present at the interview, but lately it has become quite usual to arrange group interviews.

An interview consists of: the presentation of the employer, your self-presentation, questions and information about further process.

How to prepare for the interview?
1. Go through the job post and your papers one more time
2. Think about what questions you can get
3. Find out all you can about the company
4. Try to find out who will be present at the interview
5. Prepare a short self-presentation

During the interview listen to what the interviewer says and asks, and show that you are interested and motivated. Your self-presentation, or elevator pitch, should be very short (no longer than 2 minutes) and should contain:
• personal data
• relevant education
• the latest relevant work experience
• relevant personal qualities
• your motivation to apply for this job

Most of the interview will certainly be used by the interviewer to ask you questions. They will ask about your motivation to apply for this job, the tasks you have performed at previous jobs, your strong and weak sides and your plans for the future. Also be ready to answer questions about conflicts in your past, your previous bosses and your salary requirements. At my coaching sessions I go through all possible questions with my clients and we work on answering them in the best possible way.

Towards the end you will have time to ask your questions, and you should always do that! This is your chance to learn more about the company´s structure, history and culture and the tasks you will be doing. It will also demonstrate that you are interested, and that you have spent time finding information about the company. You should also be ready to give several references with names, positions and phone numbers.

Good luck!


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