How to say goodbye to loneliness and find real friends

How to say goodbye to loneliness and find real friends

In our time, when it is seldom that a person is not registered with at least one social network, it would seem that nobody can have problems with communication. One can easily get dozens and even hundreds of friends. But despite the enormous possibilities offered by the Internet, the number of lonely people has not diminished. The thing is, that to feel fulfilled and happy, we need not the virtual, but live communication, we need to exchange thoughts and emotions with other people. To feel the joy of communication, to feel loved and treasured is everyone’s dream. And this dream is achievable for everyone. We only need to remember certain rules of communication, and I will now tell you about the main 10 of them.

1 Value yourself. You are the center where the changes start. Disclose all the unique and valuable that is within you. Constantly remind yourself that you are a human being and that’s why you are valuable. This does not mean that you have to start feeling superior to everybody else. You are not worse and not better than anyone else, you are unique.
2 Define your interests and beliefs and follow them. To build a good relationship requires common interests. And if you do not know your own interests, or know them but do not follow, how can you find others who share them? Do not sacrifice your interests and beliefs for the sake of friendship. People who do not have their own interests, opinions or their own face are usually not interesting to others.
3 Change the attitude towards your complexes, problems and weaknesses. Admit that you have flaws. There is nothing wrong with it, everybody has them. People who do not accept themselves as they are, with all their complexes and problems, are closed for communication. Learn to look upon your shortcomings level-headed, so that they do not affect your self-esteem. Begin to focus on the good that is within you, treat yourself positively.
4 See the good in life. If you believe that the world is hopelessly bad, you will meet the sort of people and events that confirm your point of view. Adjust your perception so that you start seeing things that can bring you joy. Try to see something good in every unfavorable situation.
5 See the good in people. Nobody has only flaws in their nature, every person has something good in him. Communicating with people, try to see the best in them. And if you have learned to see the good in yourself, it will be easier for you to find it in another person.
6 Help other people to feel their significance. Everyone wants their value and significance to be confirmed by others. And people who manage it are always the winners in communication. Tell people about the good things that you see in them. Notice the successes and achievements of others and find an opportunity to share their joy. Take a genuine interest in the other person and his inner world. Learn to trust people and show them your trust.
7 Start communication with the question “What can I give to the person?” If you want to communicate with a certain person, ask yourself first: what can I give him? Which of his interests and needs will be met in communication with me? In order to find a common language, it is important to find a common interest. Learn how to motivate people to be friends with you.
8 Avoid criticism. Criticism can destroy even the strongest friendship. Instead of disapproving try to put yourself in the other persons place, take a look at the situation through his eyes. This will help you to understand why he thinks and feels this way and not the other. A good communication is impossible without empathy. Learn to tell people about their mistakes in a gentle and not hurtful way, in the form of support and friendly advice.
9 Learn how to react to criticism. Pay attention to how you react when you are being criticized. Do you start to defend yourself or to attack in response, do you admit you were wrong or start nursing a grievance? Learn to control yourself and do not give way to the first, unconsidered reaction. Find and learn the ways of a positive reaction to the criticism. There are no winners in a conflict, it usually hurts all the participants.
10 Learn to be always grateful to everybody and for everything. People who do not know how to be thankful, are not attractive to others. An ungrateful person is usually dissatisfied with everything and everyone, and this negative attitude repels people from him. Thank life, nature and people around you for all that you have. Be grateful to people for all the experiences they have helped you to get.

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