How to Find a Job in Norway? Part 1 – CV

Are you going to start looking for a new job in the near future? Then it is high time to freshen up on all the steps of the process.
You will be going through several steps on the way to your new job:
1. Making a CV
2. Looking for vacancies
3. Applying for vacancies
4. Job interviews
5. Employment

Making a CV
Before you start making a CV, think about what you really want in your life. What is your dream job? What are your goals in life? It is really important to be aware of what you welcome into your life and what you definitely do not want to have. Think also about what you can offer. You should know what you are good at, what you have learned from your experience, what are your best qualifications and personal qualities. Qualities like communication skills and ability to handle conflicts are more and more valued nowadays, and it is difficult to get a job if do not have them.

As you certainly know, a CV is a short description of your professional life. You list your work experience and education, keeping in mind some easy rules: your CV should be written in backwards chronology, it should be no longer than two pages and preferably with no gaps between the jobs. Your CV should be tailor-made for every job you apply for, showing that you have exactly the qualifications and skills that the employer is looking for.
In Norway it is very usual to put a short paragraph about your key qualifications first. It should be an essence of the best you can offer your employer: your most relevant qualifications for the vacancy, you best skills, work experience and personal qualities.

But please be aware of several things that can really spoil the impression your CV makes:
• check that the picture on your CV looks professional,
• make sure there are no grammatical mistakes,
• review that your contact details are up to date
• check that there are no compromising pictures of yours on the Internet

Good luck!

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