Is the game worth playing?

Is the game worth playing?

It can be dangerous to play games in a relationship. Playing games in the beginning of a relationship can cause grief and disappointments later. Frustration will lead to broken hearts for both parties. And none of them can usually tell what went wrong.

What do I mean when I talk about “playing games”? For example, if you pretend that you are not who you really are, and it is done to make the other person fond of you you, then this is a game.
The word “manipulation” usually has a negative significance. But not every manipulation is negative. For example, telling a person that he/she looks good if it is not true, is not particularly honest. But sometimes people are not able to change their appearance (for example if they are sick). In this case, the purpose of manipulation is to support someone who needs your support. If you are unsure of how to assess your actions, ask yourself: what is the purpose of my manipulation? Will it be beneficial just for me, or the other person, or both of us? Ask yourself if you pretend to be someone else in this situation.

If you are playing “hard to get” or suppress your true feelings only to win someones favor – then you are playing games. For example, if you deliberately restrain from calling the one you like or do not show the person that you are interested in them in order to get them to run after you – it’s a game. Not showing your anger or avoiding to talk about your true desires, because “men do not like pushy girls” would also be a game. To laugh at his jokes even if they hurt you, or pretend to be stupid, so he can feel smart would also be a game.

All the above are tricks to lure a person of a certain type into a “trap”. But remember that the person will fall not for you but for the person you pretend to be!Therefore, to keep this interest, you will have to keep playing! And what do you think is going to happen when one day you show who you really are?

So the conclusion is: be yourself from the very beginning of a relationship! If you want to call the one you like – call! If he or she gets scared and lose interest in you, it is not a person you could live your life with! You are unique and therefore valuable, and you do not have to cling to everybody who shows interest in you. Get to know the one you like better, and only then decide whether the person is worth your love or not.

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