How to get rid of fear

Why is not everything in life the way we would like it to be? Why do we often make the same mistakes over and over again? It seems that we think we understand everything, we are conscious of our actions and what they entail, but still we again and again find ourselves in the same situations… Why does it happen?

It is as simple as that – we are being caught in psychological traps. And we find ourselves in those traps not because we are stupid or careless! Most of them arise from the peculiarities of human psychology, our upbringing or under the pressure of society.

One of these traps is fear. Fear is a natural feeling, it is a part of our survival instincts. If it were not for a healthy fear for their safety, most people would not have lived longer than to their 30s! However, sometimes the fear can turn out to be a trap. We start being afraid of something even when we are not in danger. Why is this happening?

Fear is a strong feeling. Once felt it stays deeply imprinted in our consciousness and subconsciousness. And it pops up every time we experience a situation similar to the initial one. This enslaving feeling keeps us from trying something new, from making important decisions or changing anything in our lives. This destructive fear would be better to get rid of!

How can we do it? Here are three important steps:
1. Point out exactly what you are afraid of. Give specific names to all your fears and look at them from the side. Perhaps they will seem ridiculous to you now!
2. Recall what has triggered your fear. Perhaps you have experienced the real danger only once, while all the other cases were just your thoughts about the danger? Live through this initial situation again, and don´t be afraid to express all the emotions that arise within you.
3. Create a stimulus. Imagine your life without fears. If you were not afraid of anything, how would you change your life? Which of your dreams would come true?
And now take action and get rid of the fears!